Bio Wars

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It is 1942. The Biological war that broke out three years ago has reached a new level of horror. Every industrialized nation is bringing out the weapons they've been working on since the last great war, when the British revealed their hemonauts, the Germans brought out their pulse hounds, and the Americans dropped the first nuclear device on the heel of Italy. Now the age of biological warfare is truly upon us, though the Americans are down for the count after the Japanese invasion in '36. There is no doubt, however, that when they recover, with Theodore Roosevelt at their head, this war will take on yet another horror that, prior to this conflict, the world has never seen before.

Welcome to the end of the civilized world. No matter who wins, society on a global scale will come crashing down. Keep that in mind when you answer this very important question. Whose side are you on?

Allies in 1942:

Axis in 1942:

Neutral in 1942:

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