Believe It (Naruto Love Story)

From Create Your Own Story

Note: Under Construction :)

You're a high schooler, and it's summer break! You're so excited -- you can't wait to go have fun in the sun, get a sweet tan, and maybe have a summer romance! You're at home right now, laying on your bed, dressed in your usual home attire (what else? A regular old shirt and that one cosplay skirt you bought last year for Halloween -- it's oddly comfortable, don't judge!) when you realize you have no plans for today. But you're not in the mood to DO anything today...

Lazily, you roll (yes, roll) off your bed and make your way to your manga bookshelf. You grab the largest collection you have and head back to your bed to peruse your selections. They're all Naruto volumes. About half the pile you plopped onto your bed are pre-Shippuden, and the others are Shippuden.

Do you:

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