Read the Shippuden manga?

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You begin to read from the very beginning of Part II. You become immersed in the story, and find yourself wistfully wishing you were a ninja. You stop and laugh at this thought. You, a ninja? You wouldn't last 10 minutes. Then again, if you had the right training... Who knows? Maybe you could be even greater than Naruto!

Laughing to yourself, you glance at the clock on your wall and realize hours have passed. Because you're feeling so extremely lazy today, you take a backpack to your kitchen and fill it with food goodies and water, so you don't have to get up. But the effort make you kinda tired. Yawning, you push the Naruto volumes to the edge of your bed and curl up with your backpack and your blanket. Soon, you fall asleep.

When you wake up, it's in a haze. It takes a moment for you to realize it's more than a figure of speech: there's fog everywhere! It's impossible to see, but you know this is so not your room! You clutch the backpack closer to your chest - why are you holding it, anyway? - and take a step back...

...And your foot meets nothing.

You try to shift your weight, but it's too late, and now you're falling, falling, thereof swirling around you.

This isn't fair! you think. This was supposed to be the best summer ever! Not-- not--!

And suddenly, blackness.

You wake up groggily, and for a moment you're glad you're in your bed again.

Then you realize it's not you bed at all.

You let out a squeak of surprise and sit up, only to wince at the sudden rush of blood to your head. Carefully, you lay down again, inspecting your surroundings.

An AC machine is humming faintly from the opposite side of the ceiling. The walls are a sparse white, as are thebedsheets you're wrapped in. In fact, aside for the window, there's no color at all in this room.

You conclude two things:

1) you're in a hospital, or

2) you're in an insane asylum.

You're seriously considering the second option after that dream you had earlier when voices in the hallway make you freeze.

Those voices... They're familiar, but you can't quite place them...

In a moment of panic, you squeeze your eyes shut and force yourself to breathe deeply and evenly. You want to appear asleep.

The door to your room opens.

"No one knows," says a somewhat breathy female voice. "But Naruto said he found her just outside the gates."

What? Naruto? Gates??? You're confused, so you continue to feign sleep.

"Hmm..." the next voice is lower, a strong, clear alto. "She should be awake by now, in any case..." There is the sound of clicking heels and fabric rustling, and then a hand is touching your forehead. "Shizune, go get Naruto. Maybe there's something we've overlooked."

In spite of yourself, you feel your heart rate pick up.

Shizune... Naruto... What...?!

"Now, then," says the woman, removing her hand. "Shizune is gone. Why don't you open your eyes? There's no need for false pretenses."

Slowly, you open your eyes.

And see the Fifth Hokage.

Everything tumbles into place, bizarrely. You've somehow wound up in the Naruto world; Naruto found you by Konoha's gates and brought you here; and now the Hokage is going to paychoanalyze you to make sure you're not a threat.

Thinking fast, you see two immediate options.

You can:

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