Beg for a pounding

From Create Your Own Story

You want your ass pounded. You pull away from Trey's cock.

"Fuck me like the good prison bitch I am," you say, "fuck my tight little ass." You wrap your lips around Trey's cock again.

"You asked for it," Tyrese says, and without hesitation he begins pounding your ass. You quickly put your hands on beneath you to counter act his thrusting. His hands still on your shoulders, he pulls you toward him with every thrust. His balls bouncing off of you. It feels so good getting gang fucked by a couple black dudes. One cock in your ass and another in your mouth. Theres no other place you would want to be right now. Trey's hands are still on the back of your head and fucking your throat. You can taste his pre-cum already. He is hitting the back of your throat with every bounce from getting fucked by Tyrese.

Let him cum in your ass

Let them swap ends

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