Let him cum in your ass

From Create Your Own Story

You want his cum in your ass. Tyrese continues pounding hard and deep in your ass as Trey slowly shoves his cock deep down your throat.

"I'm gonna cum in this sissy's ass, Trey," Tyrese says.

"I am really close to cummimg too, Dog," Trey says. "Lets finish this little bitch off."

They both pick up there pace, Trey's balls are bouncing off your chin as Tyrese's cock slams into you. You can feel Trey getting real hard in your mouth.

"I can't hold it anymore," Trey says. As he unleashes a monster load, completely filling your mouth. The hot, sweet and salty taste overwhelms you. You momentarily forget about Tyrese fucking you and you savor the flavor and milk every drop out of his cock. Sucking and licking the tip.

As Trey falls back out of exhaustion, Tyrese pulls out, spins you around, you fall to your knees, he grabs the back of your head and jacks off his cock in your face. You open your mouth and stick out your tongue. His load erupts all over your face, streaming into your eye and down your face. A lot of it shoots in your mouth, he is just as tasty as Trey. He pulls your head toward him amd you wrap your lips around his shaft. You slowly stroke with one hand and massage his balls with the other. You focus on the tip with your mouth. You continue to suck him until he pushes you away.

You leave head back to the Bookstore

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