Beatrice, an old teacher during the 90's with far too much power

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Beatrice Lawrence wakes up at the crack of dawn and raises from her bed with a quickness that would surprise a drill sargeant. She opens the curtains of her rather luxurious room, letting the little sunlight available in and immediately gets dressed.

Beatrice is a tall, thin old woman in her early fities. Much to her dismay she now has to wear glasses 27/7, while she could get away with using only reading glasses during her fourties. She almost always wears her grayish-brown hair in a tight bun and dresses with as much grace as a nun. Her life is uninteresting and dull in paper; she lives in the boarding school and does nothing in the whole day if not giving classes and managing the staff as some sort of asssistant Principal to then go back to sleep. Those who know her realize that this woman very much enjoys her life and all the pleasure she can derive from being herself.

This woman is a sadist of sorts. Nothing pleases her further than putting down her students during her class, and finding an excuse to do so is very easy. Students cower and tremble before her; for she who has been in the Academy for a year and hasn't been brought to tears or even contemplating suicide by this imposing woman can declare herself quite lucky. Beatrice has no interest in boys and the boys have no interest in her. They both are perectly happy prettending the other party doesn't exist, a privilege some female students would kill for.

Exiting her cozy house, Beatrice turns her sight to the Academy's main building, in which she's due to give classes in one and a half hours to the second year students, History. She is no stranger to simply go to her desk and wait still as a Gargoyle until her victims have arrived and she can rain terror upon them. Then again, if she goes to the dormitories she can find someone to put down before breakfast, which would suit her just fine.

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