Go to the poor girls' Dormitories

From Create Your Own Story

Today Beatrice is in the mood to put down those who already are down. She heads with determination to the old shack that is all the Academy has deemed appropriate to allow their students in the lower side of the earnings spectrum. These girls don't have rich dads to pay for real dormitories and sleep in small groups inside small rooms that if nothing, at least they're perfectly clean. This makes sense because they're the ones doing the maintenance of most of the Academy, an optional "assignment" that in exchange offers free meals and allows the orphans to take home whatever the rich girls, the staff, the workers and the Academy in general throw out, most generally clothing and cleaning supplies.

Aided by her glasses Beatrice spots them already up and about; young women in the uniform of the school - a plain long-sleeved black dress with white collar and black, matching shoes - in a frenzy to clean the floors as soon as possible, as they know they have only an hour and twenty minutes until their first class and students in the optional cleaning assignment have plenty to do before then.

Beatrice analyzes the situation and sees three possibilities to exploit, all attractive. She takes a second to ponder and decide who is going to suffer the consequence of her existence.

There is a closed door, which means someone is still sleeping in there. A rude awakening followed by disciplinary action is in order. Students technically still have half an hour to sleep, but not the ones in the "cleaning club"; and everyone knows there isn't anyone living in the shacks that is not part of the optional cleaning assignment.

One of the girls cleaning the floor with a dirty rag has become filthy in the process. Mud stains her dress and socks, her hair is a mess and her face - while undoubtedly pretty - is spotted brown, begging to be cleaned. Washing girls in public is one of Beatrice's favorite hobbies.

She can also play the same game the rich girls play, tormenting the orphans with plain and simple coin. She can offer one of them a modest amount of money and make ridiculous demands in exchange for them, which she won't be able to refuse.

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