Ashley's Wedding

From Create Your Own Story

Tessa felt ridiculous as she walked into the First Methodist Church. One of her college friends, Ashley, was getting married to her longtime boyfriend, Derek, and of course she wanted to see her friend happy. But that happiness was tinged when Ashley apologized to her that she couldn't be in the wedding party. There were too few slots in the wedding party, and the bride couldn't spurn her future sister-in-law, could she? Tessa lied and said she understood, but she was real disappointed that her friend couldn't find a place for her in her wedding.

But worst of all, her own boyfriend, Chad, decided to break up with her... two weeks before the big event. They had been together for three years. Secretly, she had always hoped that Chad would dance with her at Ashley's wedding, and in that most romantic of settings, ask her to marry him. But Chad decided that college had passed and Ashley wasn't the girl he wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Heartbroken, alone, and now without a date to her friend's wedding, she walked through the door. She wanted to turn around and leave, but she couldn't do that to her friend. However, there was an hour before the ceremony.

What should she do?

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