Arisen Anew/Take Nushgath's hand

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Taking his hand, you rise up from the pentagram. As you see, it shimmers behind you, and the words around it begin to deform into profanity. As Nushgath passes through the doorway, the walls calm down. Even though you know you will never see them again, as you will arise to Earth, you still feel sorry for all the work now ruined by the black oil.

For good measure, you spit at the wall behind you, hitting it directly in the black-irised eye. It begins to wail so unharmoniously and in a thousand voices, loud enough to make your ears bleed. You revel the pain for a moment, before stepping outside your chamber yourself. As the molten doors close behind you, your cheeks twitch almost tracelessly, and you know that, now, your time has come to shine.

The three lead you to a vast, cyllindrical chamber, walls coated with a substance the likes of which you haven't seen; inspecting it with your fingers reveals that, whilst purple on the wall, it becomes blue, then green, then yellow before wilting to a brown and then a black. Its putrid smell likewise changes into a most pleasant, then fades away.

In the middle of the entire chamber laies a circular pool of the sticky, purple substance. Around the pool, scribbled into the white marble, are captured and sealed incantations, describing some sort of toddler gutting.

The pool is obviously intended for you.


You're playing A demon, Ashgeth
Health perfect Carrying:
Mood annoyed
You are... evil
Currently in... your meditation chamber You are:
Victims countless
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