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"Come on." He said, and grabbing her by the arm, David dragged Kas through an open gate and into a field. She tried again to escape his grasp, but he had hold of her arms. Kas squealed, trying to get his attention, and at last he lifted his head to look at her. He tried kissing her again, but this time Kas struggled. One kiss was enough for her to decide that it wasn't what she wanted. David was her cousin, and although he was reasonably good looking, she certainly didn't reciprocate any feelings he had for her. But although he didn't look it, David was surprisingly strong, and her first attempt to break free of his grasp met more resistance than Kas had expected. With his lips practically clamped against hers. The ground was wet and quite muddy under foot, but he didn't care. Nor did he listen when Kas said that he was hurting her arm. He manoeuvred her towards the hedge and gazed at her longingly.

"I love you." He said. "And I want to make love to you." Kas understood what that meant, but it certainly wasn't what she wanted. She had always dreamed of her first time being in a great double bed with a handsome guy of her choosing, not forced to do it in some mud pile in a field, surrounded by sheep.

"I don't want to." Kas protested, hoping he would get the message. It was to no avail. Before she could stop him, David pushed her down onto the grass verge, and knelt over her, holding Kas down with one hand around her neck. Her arms flapped at him, and she screamed as loud as she could, but this only made him squeeze tighter, as he tugged with the other hand at her leggings. Struggling to breath, Kas gave up on her attempt to break free, hoping for a better opportunity to come along. David's persistence eventually managed to pull her leggings and panties down in one go, giving him access between her legs. Spread them, using his knees to keep them apart and reached into his own trousers. Even in this state, Kas found that she was curious. She had never seen a man's penis before, and she couldn't help but look as he pulled it from his trousers. It looked much smaller than she had expected, hard and erect, but not exactly formidable.

"Hold still." He said, "Or this will hurt." Kas didn't require the warning, for she knew it would hurt anyway. She screamed again, hoping that someone would hear her, but she had already knew what was coming next. With a single determined effort, David forced his penis into Kas, putting all his weight behind it. The pain spread through her body as he pushed it deeper and deeper inside her. It felt larger than it had looked, stretching her vagina with every thrust. Kas worried that he had made her bleed, but she wasn't able to check. He kept on, shifting his weight back and forth on top of her as though she were a child's rocking horse to be ridden in such a way. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she cried against the pain. In the distance, she could hear a car approaching, and soon it's headlights could be seen over the hedges. In a concerted effort she screamed once more, and again as it passed. But the noise of its engine covered her voice and she was left to suffer at the hands of her cousin.

David ignored her whimpering, confident that no one would hear them. The fields there had an excellent ability to quash any volume, with their high banked hedge rows, although this was normally only for tractor and farm animal noises. He had never intended to rape Kas, for he did have strong feelings for her. But once he had started kissing her, he found that he was unable to resist his insatiable lust. Something about his cousin aroused him so, and his erection needed to be satisfied. He couldn't control it, hoping only that Kas would enjoy their intercourse once they had started. Her resistance had not been expected, but somehow it only served to harden his resolve. He needed her, and once he had started he had to finish. Even with her sobbing beneath him, he continued, determined to reach his orgasm as quickly as possible. To his dismay, it took David longer than he had hoped. It felt like an eternity before he finally ejaculated. His intention had been to pull out before it happened, and save her from the consequences, but when it came to it, he changed his mind. Whether it was a subconscious desire to punish her for struggling so much, or just a passing whim, he wasn't sure, but he fired his semen into her all the same.

It felt like an eternity to Kas too, and she was relieved when he relaxed. The pain faded to a dull ache between her legs, and he slumped over her for a moment, repeating how much he loved her. His hand released it's grasp of her neck, and she immediately began to feel sick. Whether it was the disgusting thought of his semen flowing around inside her, or simply the amount of cider she had drunk, she wasn't sure, but she blamed it on a mixture of the two. Without warning, David suddenly pushed himself up and stood back. His penis still hanging from his open trousers. But to her dismay, Kas actually saw a look of remorse in his eyes as he appeared to have realised what he had done. His eyes widened and he started apologising rapidly, his words tripping over themselves in his panic. He grabbed the top of his trousers and practically ran away through the field, over a gate and out of sight, leaving Kas on her own.

Tears filled her eyes, and Kas cautiously felt between her legs. She was wet, a mixture of semen, mud and her own blood. The thought sent a convulsion through her, and she vomited onto he ground beside her. Most of what came out was liquid, cider and water along with the remains of her dinner. Kas hurled again, adding a sour flavour in her throat to the pains that plagued her body. Eventually she pushed herself onto her feet, coated from head to toe in mud, and pulled her underwear up. It was a painful process, but gradually she managed to put one foot in front of the other and slowly limped home. When Kas had finally pushed her way through her front door, she woke her father and told him what had happened. He gave her a comforting hug and called the police. She was taken to hospital and treated against the possibility of pregnancy. David was arrested the next morning and sentenced, he would spend the next six years in prison for rape and the serious sexual assault of a minor. Kas was never able to settle properly in Ardenstone after that, and although Jade and her brother were kind to her in the weeks that followed, she convinced her father to sell the house.

Kas never returned to Ardenstone.

The End


Engaging in sexual activities with anyone, regardless of their age, is illegal if they do not give their full consent. It can also be illegal if the other person is deemed to be unable to respond rationally, either through inexperience or intoxication. This crime is collectively called Rape, and is punishable in a court of law with anything up to a life sentence in prison. Sexual contact with a person under the legal minimum age of consent is an even greater crime, regardless of the circumstances, although the minimum age law varies from one country to the next. Ensure you are acquainted with the laws of the nation you are in before you engage in any acts that may be considered sexual in nature.

The End

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