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Welcome to Ardenstone. As a writer of erotic fiction, I have several titles to my name on other websites. However, I have long been considering using my writing skills to produce a Create Your Own Adventure story. While considering how to do this, a fellow writer with similar interests recommended this site as a place to gain inspiration. Using wiki to as a base for creating it is certainly inspired, and far easier than attempting to produce a html or flash program for it. I had considered setting up my own wiki after seeing this place, but after some consideration I decided to write my story here, so that you good people could enjoy it too. Ardenstone therefore, is my first trek into the Create Your Own Adventure format of writing, and I hope you will forgive me if it is not perfect. I will try to correct any glaring errors and take on board any advice you might have. Reading a few of the other stories here, it appears that my style of writing is very different to that of most others. My story certainly doesn't have as many choices and the contents of each page are written more like any normal fiction book you might read. It is written in the third person and uses my own style of detailed descriptive writing to create an environment where the imagination can thrive.

I am extremely interested to know what you think of this story and which choices you make along the way. Therefore, whenever you reach a specified ending, I would be most grateful if you would post in the discussion tab on the page you end up on, with any comments you may have. You will be reminded of this at the end.

I hope you will take the time to read it, and enjoy the story, where ever it may lead.



The village of Ardenstone is a small farming community set far from the thriving commercial city. The protagonist is a young girl called Kas, who has just arrived in Ardenstone with her family. Keen to make friends and guided by her cousin David, she heads off on an adventure to explore her new home. This is a coming of age story, in which the choices you make will greatly effect the life Kas leads, who she meets and ultimately, who she will fall in love with. However, Ardenstone is full of dangers, and not everyone is as innocent as Kas. Not all choices will produce the results you might expect, not all choices will have happy endings and all choices will have consequences, both good and bad.


All readers should be warned that choices within this story may lead to fictional scenes of of a violent or disturbing nature, with some strong sex themes. Some of these scenes are extremely graphic in their descriptive narrative, and may upset or cause offence. However, such is not the intention of the story, which is written both for entertainment and education. Appropriate warnings will be provided on each page relating to the choices available.

This story contains strong sex, incest, sexual violence and rape, smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, and includes adolescent characters of various ages. If any of these topics may offend or cause concern to you, please leave now and find a more suitable story to read.

Enter Ardenstone

WORK IN PROGRESS - Only 38 pages so far. There is a lot more to come yet.

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