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"I love you, Kas." David said, looking at her with hope in his heart, but something was wrong. "Kas?" He asked, and his face changed to a very concerned look for his cousin. He held her upright and guided her back up the road a short way, to where a gate led into a neighbouring field. They were going to be late for her father's curfew, but David figured it was better than presenting him with a drunk daughter. As soon as they were out of sight from the house, he stood her against one of the high banked hedges in the field. In all honesty, he doubted that she had drunk that much of the cider, but it was quite strong, and Kas was only fourteen. She didn't look too bad though, if she could only stand up without wobbling, she might get to bed without her father noticing. It was a big risk to take however, and he hoped she would sober up quickly.

"I don't feel too good." Kas told him, as she stood there watching the ground spinning past her eyes. She knelt down, soaking her leggings in the mud, but she barely noticed. David asked if she felt sick, but that wasn't the problem and she shook her head in response. Tiredness had crept up on Kas far earlier than she expected, and sleep seemed like a good idea. The sensation of David's hand on her back didn't help the situation much, but she was grateful for his comforting touch. His presence at what she could only describe as a low point in her day, was precisely what she needed to keep her calm. Kas had a tendency to panic at any medical dilemmas, especially when she was involved. But she felt safe with David looking after her.

"Put your finger down your throat." David suggested after they had remained like that for some time. "It worked the first time I got drunk." He explained, recalling how Jade had threatened to put her own finger down there if he had refused. Of course, it had been Jades fault that he had drunk so much that night anyway. Jade had been giving him drinks all evening in an attempt to flood his naturally shy personality from him. It didn't really work, but it did result in the loss of David's virginity and an eight month relationship with Jade. This story he told to Kas, in his attempt to keep her awake. She listened to parts of it, trying to focus on something other than the desire to close her eyes, but it wasn't easy. Eventually Kas settled for thinking about David, and the way he had kissed her out on the road. It was a nice thought, but she felt terrible for letting him see her in such a state. He thought she was going to be sick, and she imagined that he had good reason to, for the longer she remained there, the more she felt like throwing up. Concerned that it might take a while, Kas tried as he had suggested. After cleaning her hand on her leggings, she forced her right index finger as far into her mouth as she could get it. The result was immediate, and quite unexpected. A wave of vomit ejected from her in projectile fashion, covering her arm as she tried to pull it away. Grateful she was to be wearing a waterproof coat.

Kas hurled again, and a sour taste filled her mouth. A mixture of liquid, mostly cider, water and the remains of her dinner, covered the ground in front of her. She frowned and apologised to her cousin, but David rubbed her back gently and told her that it was alright. Once more she added to the pile of vomit on the ground, and wiped her mouth on the clean sleeve. It certainly wasn't a very polite, feminine experience, and she regretted everything about it, but part of her was glad David was there. Eventually he helped Kas up, put his arm around her and guided her back to the gate. She was practically carried by David to her front door, but he insisted that she should walk in on her own legs. Kas worried about what her father would say, but there was little that could be done. Late, covered in mud and vomit, she looked quite a state. Inside however, she found her father fast asleep in front of the television. He had clearly been waiting up for her, but had fallen asleep watching some television show, because it was still on. She said good night to David, closed the front door quietly, and went up to bed.


End of Day 1

Congratulations, you have successfully reached the end of the first day in this story. Kas is home safe, although a little sore and embarrassed. However, she is in one piece and has a new found respect for David who has just declared his love for her. Admittedly her first proper kiss was not all she hoped it would be, but even though David is her cousin, she might just like him enough to take things further. Continue into day 2 to find out what happens next.


As previously mentioned, alcohol can be very bad for you. One of the more immediate affects of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can be vomiting. Headaches, stomach pains and dizziness can result in drinking too much alcohol, which can cause severe dehydration. In extreme circumstances, a person may suffer from alcohol poisoning, which can result from consuming too much alcohol in a short period of time. Alcohol poisoning can be deadly if not treated quickly.


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