Arcade Glitch/Hand back the survey

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You mark all three entries, then hand the survey back to Surge. He looks it over, nodding as he does.

"Great, this seems to be perfect. Now, one final piece of business. Memory. When the lightning struck the memory in all the games seems to have been affected. While you're in a game, everything is fine, but because you aren't part of any game, once you leave a game, or even this station, everyone but me will forget you. I can remember because I'm also not part of a game. We have devised a way for you to carry memories over to other games and times. We call them Trigger Words. Pretty much they trigger a specific reaction that is only supposed to happen after the event where you were given the Trigger Word. Now, there are ways to say the Trigger Words without actually earning them, but where;s the fun in that? And when I said one last thing, I meant four. As a non-sprite, and a sprite is a game character, you may be able to mix codes. Whenever you do certain activity you might earn a new ability. These will also be stored in Trigger Words. These can carry between games, so for instance, if you were to get an ability from Ralph, you could then use that in any game where it is applicable. There are still some aftershocks, as you might call them, so don't be surprised if there are a few random glitches. And finally, so this is embarrassing but, when you came into the game world, your sex seems to have gotten a bit confused. The survey fixed your mental aspects, but..."

You look down at your body. Its just a mass of pixels.

"...yeah. So, if you will just check Boy or Girl right here, it should be fine."

Check Boy

Check Girl


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