A Guy

From Create Your Own Story

"GOOD MORNING LISTENERS! RISE AND SHINE FOR DAVEY'S ALOHA MORNING SHOW, COMING UP WE'VE GOT CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS AND A TRAFFIC REPORT, BUT FIRST HERE'S SOME ROCKIN TUNES". You open your eyes groaning as the DJ's obnoxious voice turns to a high pitched eighties guitar solo shredding away as if it weren't six thirty in the morning. Fumbling for the snooze button you rip the covers off and smack it silent. Sitting up you wipe sleep from your tired face, "at least its saturday" you mutter standing up. Scratching yourself you shuffle into the bathroom,relieving yourself of all bodily wastes and starting a shower. Dropping your boxers on the floor you hop into the shower closing the curtain behind you. The torrent of water slaps you with hot needles that make all traces of sleep dissapear. All to soon the water turns cold and you end it, grabbing a pair of blue jeans, socks, fresh boxers and your favorite band's t-shirt. Finally dressed you sit down to decide what you'll do on your day off

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