(LoK Wake up

From Create Your Own Story

Krystal began to stir. She sat up and rubbed the back of her head where she had a small bump trying to remember what happened. Then she thought of a more important question, where was she? Krystal felt chill against her body, and knew she was naked. She then looked around and noticed a massive metal gate but the bars were so far apart that at least 3 of her could have fit through them, so why were they keeping her here? She looked back and saw that she was in a massive cave and it was very dark and really the only light came from the torches by the gate. She decided to stand up and walk around to see if she could find and exit, and just because she was curious. As she walked through the giant rocky structure, she stepped on a few small rocks and accidently kicked some as she walked, which made a rather annoying sound she didn’t like. After walking for a few minutes her eyes were adjusted better and she could see where she was going, just not very well. She was unaware of the small cliff she was approaching. She took 2 more steps and then the next thing she knew was that her left foot didn’t make contact with the floor and she feel, she screamed, knowing it would do nothing. But then after just a couple seconds she landed on something very large , on her right side she landed on something very large and warm, it was huge, at least 4 foot diameter. She was so intrigued by what her right side landed on, that it took her a full minute to note the thick coarse scales on her left side… Immediately Krystal could make out the obsidian black scales that she was laying on. Hear heart stop… she was laying on top of a Red Eye… they were massive green creatures similar to a T-rex. But this wasn’t just any Red Eye, she knew that the one and only king, had black scales, and was twice or more than the size of a average Red Eye Lay on the Might Galdon.. The devourer of all.. Krystal was soon looked to her right to see that she was also on his gigantic 10 foot long cock, which soon stiffen and knocked her off and grew to a whopping 20 feet. Galdon rose to his massive 40 foot long legs and let out a mighty roar. When he did this, Krystal could see his massive wrecking-ball sized balls dangle.

Do you:
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