Lok accept your fate

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Krystal sits there and closes her eyes tight, waiting to be eaten by the Might Galdon. He let's out a fierce roar and then does something completely unexpected. Krystal doesn't feel the massive teeth of this mighty creature piercing her flesh, instead she feels something very warm and large bump her leg knocking her back a little. Krystal opens one eye and sees it's his massive, beautiful cock. She immediately knew what she had to do in order to survive. She swallowed all her pride, and then got a little closer and reach her feet out and grabbed his mighty tree trunk. She was immediately stunned and horny when when she used her legs to pull herself toward it and it just stayed there, like a metal beam welded into place. Krystal being only about 4"6, 4"7 knew she would have difficulty satisfying him, but she wrapped her legs and arms around as much of it as she could and then notices how she was barley longer then the tip of it. She lifted her head up and shoved her face into the slit at the tip of his cock. She whipped her long tongue out and eat his massive dick hole out just like she used to do to Kate. he tasted wonderful and she wanted more, She used her legs and arms to stimulate the ring around the tip of his cock. and after a hour or so she got beneath him and started licking and sucking his massive sack, then she decided play time was over and she stood up in front of him and grabbed his dick wit her tiny hands and rubbed them around furiously after getting them wet in her own Sylvia and then shoved her face back into his cock and then used her tongue to simulate him again. after quite some time she saw his wrecking balls clench and knew what was coming. she was kinda scared and didn't know if she should take cover or what. She locked around and noticed how she was kinda in a a dip that was basically the size of an above ground pool. Soon Krystal was looking away wondering what would happen when she was blasted hard back and sent flying back by his warm goo. She saw his fire House go off and it literally filled the little pool all the way up. She was in heaven swimming in his sticky goo she got mouth full after mouth full, it was so thick and creamy and it tasted so sweet for some reason she loved it, she noticed that Galdon went back to sleep and then she was just laying in his cum eating it by the mouthful.

Do she:

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