(LoK) Take the soup and leave the hut

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The most important thing right now was to survive Krystal realises. What good was pride if she dies? And it isn't as if she was ever going to tell Fox about this. "I'm doing it because I must" Krystal says to herself, trying to justify her actions. What she doesn't admit is that on some level she wants that soup. She can’t deny that it tastes good, but it isn't just the taste or smell - something about it made her feel... alive. Krystal blushes at her train of thought and hurries about trying to distract herself, pouring as much of the soup as she can into a large pot and placing it and the other food in her rucksack. Grabbing up the mace, Krystal leaves the hut.

By the time Krystal emerges from the hut, the sun has all but fallen and with what little light is left Krystal can just about see that the hut is built on the edge of a large forest. It takes her a little while to get her bearings, but eventually Krystal recognises the North Star in the sky and realises that the forest lies around her to the east and south. To the north lies a SharpClaw village to the north, only visible in the curtain of blackness by the light emanating from the windows. It seems to be no more than a handful of small houses and, judging from the noise, a SharpClaw tavern. "I doubt they would take too kindly to me strolling in there with their warrior's mace" she thinks, turning away. She needs help, but she isn’t that desperate.

She needed to find the crashed Arwings, but it’s too dark to make out any smoke coming from the forest, and the overpowering smell of the soup she is carrying makes it impossible to smell anything on the wind. She remembers that she was flying west back to the Great fox over the forest, so the crashed ships must be somewhere to the south-east. To the west, all that is visible is hills and plains. With the soup, she knows she has enough food to last her the journey to the Great Fox (if she can find it), but can she abandon Fox here?

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

Tribal Armour, Mace, Backpack, Food, Soup

MP 0
Level 0
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