(LoK) Search for the other Arwing (with liquid)

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Ashamed at the thought of considering leaving Fox behind, Krystal starts off in search of his Arwing. She knew that the addition of the soup would ensure her prolonged survival, but the thought still bounced around her mind that she might have to drink Sharpclaw cum. After several minutes of traveling, Krystal begins to admire her surroundings and marvel in it's beauty. "To think such assholes get to live in a place that looks like this" Krystal mutters to herself. She quickly starts off again, trying to brush away her concerns and focus on finding Fox. The trees appear larger with every step she takes, making it harder to see the stars in the darkening sky. It becomes apparent that if she continues on like this, that she might get lost. Krystal starts scanning her surroundings for anything that could be of use. "Some of these leaves are dry she thinks. This would make it easy to start a fire and rest until daybreak. Krystal thinks about her available options. She could continue through the forest in the dark in search of Fox, or stay and rest to regain her energy and avoid getting lost. It crosses Krystal's mind that eventually the Sharpclaw will come looking for her, if they hadn't already. Either way I'm taking a risk... She thinks.

Does she :

Health 100 Equipment:

' 'Tribal Armour' 'Mace' 'Backpack' 'Food' 'Soup' 'Dried Leaves' '

MP 0
Level 0
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