(LoK) Surrender to SharpClaw

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Krystal realizing that she was unarmed and that the brute was much larger then her, got down on her knees, with her ass on her ankles, hands on her knees and head down. The Sharpclaw looks at her with surprise, and then gets a wicked grin on his face. Krystal is stunned when he grabbed the back of her head by her long blue hair and pulled her head back causing her jaw to drop. The Sharpclaw forces his already engorged bumpy thick member into her mouth with krystal had to strain to get the massive cock in her mouth. For some reason Krystal didn't feel like trying to resist, in fact she may have even liked it. His dick was seemingly bigger then the others and it had a kind of sweet taste to hit (which was probably just cum he never washed off) but it tasted rather sweet. It made Krystal's legs tingle.

Soon Krystal was actually beginning to get turned on and she reached one are up to remove the Sharpclaw's massive hand gently, and then she took one and and used it to cover half of the half of his cock that she couldn't fit down her throat and used the other hand to stroke it scaly balls. The Sharpclaw leaned back and his tongue hanged lazily from his mouth. Krystal was getting hornier by the second, along with getting better at sucking this lizards dragon-sized cock. soon the Lizards balls clenched and Krystal knew what was about to happen so she leaned back with her big round firm ass on her heals, leaned her head back with her tongue out, and used both her hands to jack off the mighty lizard. Very shortly after the Sharpclaw exploded all over krystal he shot atleast 10 times all just as might, 6 of the shots missed and went all over the place, 2 shots went into her mouth and she was already struggling to swallow and her mouth was over flowing. The other 2 shots hit her straight in the face leaving streams across her nose, her eyelashes, and dripping down her lip onto her large firm breast, which were exposed from when she stripped earlier during the lizard's "treatment" Krystal smiled and licked up all the cum off her face that she could, and shortly after the lizard knocked her out.

Health 100 Equipment:

Tribal Armour

MP 0
Level 0
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