"Mysterious Murders in Transylvania: Could Vampires Be Real?"

From Create Your Own Story

"TETROVEA, TRANSYLVANIA, ROMANIA - The recent discovery of the corpses of several people, all with their blood completely drained, has raised rumors that vampires are real and stalking the Transylvanian countryside. Local police deny those rumors and claim the murders are the work of an ordinary serial killer. There is some skepticism with this claim, however, since fang marks have been discovered on each victim's neck..."

You nod as you read the article. This seems like the perfect adventure for you. You pack your things into a couple of suitcases, making sure to include several weapons: A compact, sawed-off shotgun, a crossbow with a set of razor-sharp wooden bolts that can be used like vampire stakes, and an elegant, well-sharpened heirloom sword.

Using your wealth and connections, you arrange for a private jet to fly you to Romania so you can take your weapons. A nine-hour flight brings you to Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Customs officials wanted to inspect your luggage, but a $1000 bribe gets them to back off. You rent a car and begin the drive to Transylvania.

The countryside grows gloomier the further you drive, the tranquil farms and green forests replaced with bare trees that have already lost their leaves. The wind picks up, and dark clouds cover the sun. After several hours, you arrive in the town of Tetrovea, where most of the bodies were found. Night has already fallen as you check in to a hotel.

You sit on the bed in your room, thinking about what to do next. Should you start looking for answers right away? Or should you wait until morning? You've had a long drive, but you slept on the plane, so you're a little tired, but not that much.

Health {{{Health}}} Equipment:

All the things you packed in your suitcases

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