War and Sex

From Create Your Own Story

Note: Feel free to add to this story but remember that this story is a low fantasy adult story. You can’t really make the main  
character walk into a bar and see three Orcs enjoying a fine pint of lager. Think Conan not WoW. If you’d like high fantasy adult     
stories then check out Sensual Realms.        

You walk through the halls of your father’s castle. Thoughts of war are on your mind as you stare at the art decorating the walls. Your people’s art is rather simple, but very symbolic. The painting in particular that you’re paying attention to represents death and reproduction, war and sex.

You are Faust Kaladaris and a prince of the seven mountains kingdom. Recently your father has been discussing a military alliance with a lowland kingdom named Ugarit. This would put your people at war with Ugarit's mortal enemy the kingdom of Hystardium. A messenger from your father arrives; she bows deeply letting her head touch the stone floor as are your customs when greeting one of royal blood.

“Great prince Faust! Your father summons you to the throne room.”

You nod in response and the messenger leaves you. What do you do now?

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