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CH3 Bar Information Wiki

This wiki is provided by the Chicago Hash House Harriers "drinking club with a running problem" and lists bars in and about the Chicago area that have been used for past hashes and are either known to be hash-friendly or likely based on past experience. Any hare or hasher with any information about any of these bars is strongly encouraged to edit the wiki page to add their 2 cents. Really, it's easy. See that little "edit" tab at the top? Click on it, and you can edit any page. OK, well, you have to login first. Do that. Now try and edit. See, we're having fun, right?

Note: bars are sorted by Neighborhood in Chicago and then alpha order by name. Outside of City Limits, the bars are sorted just alpha by name in the other categories.

This resource has been made public for the benefit of all Chicago area hashers and all are free to use our information as well as encouraged to add their own to our collective knowledge and participate in the shared community here. Better hash bars = better hashes which benefits us all.

Logging In

The only reason for a login is to keep spam from destroying the wiki. Click on the login link at the top left or the "edit" tab if that doesn't work. You are all encouraged to create your own login, but if you can't be bothered, here are some clues to a username and password you can all use:

  • username: the title given to a person who has never been to a hash before
  • password: the 2 letters and 1 number that mean "Chicago hash house harriers"

Quick Primer On Wikis

If you have information that you want to add to an article, no matter how random, just click on the edit button in that article, and start writing. Maybe you know the phone number of a bar, maybe the bar owner used to be a neighbor, or maybe that bar is particularly intolerant of public nudity. No detail is too small.


Links that are in blue go to a page in the CH3 wiki that already has some information on it. Links that are in red go to a page in the CH3 wiki that someone things should have information on it, but doesn't yet.

  • You make a link (and thus a new page) by enclosing a word or phrase in [[brackets]]
  1. Edit the Bars Not in Chicago, But Close page to make the phrase "Example Bar" [[Example Bar]]
  2. Save the page Bars Not in Chicago, But Close
  3. Click on the red-colored link that now appears for Example Bar, and add your information

It's pretty self-explanatory once you've edited a page or two. If, after you edit a page drunk, you realize that your edit is nonsense, and you want to go back to the previous version of the page, go to the "history" tab at the top of that article, and revert your changes

If You Want to Get Fancy

More exciting wiki markup can be found here

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