Bars Nowhere Near Chicago

From Chicagohash

Actually these are neither bars nor near anywhere near Chicago, just provided for amusement purposes. Unless you hash regularly in Southeast Lower Pennsylvania (with one exception)

  • Haddonfield United Methodist ,29 Warwick Rd, Haddonfield NJ 08033
  • Kokomo's in West Conshohocken
  • Madam Yuk's House of Ill Repute- 6045 Waterman Blvd, St. Louis, MO
  • Methacton High School in Perkiomen
  • Park by Schulykill River
  • Rosemont Park in Garrett Hill, PA, the site of Run #1 which was held on December 3, 1977.
  • Ryan's in West Chester
  • St John Newman Church - parking lot, 372 Highland Lane Havertown, Pa.
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