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Join Date August 2008
Status Active, although faulting slightly
Position New member
Birthday September 22, 1992
Gender Male
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Fruckert (it does have a capital, he was dead tired at the time) joined Charas because he thought the generator was cool, and he was just starting to play around with Game Maker. Sadly enough, he was using the battlechars as platformer characters. Downright depressing, isn't it? Anyways, for 4 days, he made no posts, as his account had yet to activate. Weird. After that, he lurked around a bit, making some of the inevitable noob postings, and such. Never did contribute any graphics though. Bastard. Also worth note is that he has Aspergers Disorder. Yup. He does. Big woop.


Legend of Myrdia/Whatever I He names it later:

Myrdia is currently his biggest project. It is a steampunk-high fantasy hybrid. It uses a unique stat system, called S.I.S.C. and is currently in pre-alpha phase.

Patchwork Engine:

The Patchwork Engine is the Game Maker engine that Myrdia is going to be in. It is called such, as it takes a lot of things from the Game Maker Community, and uses them, most specifically the Inventory System, and the Battle Engine, which is a side-scroller action segment.

Splinter-Now defunct, and not currently working on:

Splinter was an idea to make the background battle music an active part of the battle in an RPG. Basically, depending on the parts of the song, the enemies would do different things, and you would have to make changes in your tactics. This is one of Fruckert's favorite stories that he's cooked up, and he works on the writing when he gets bored.

Locusts in the Rain:

No idea, it turned into the Patchwork Engine, however, so it should be included. It had no story at the time.

Adventure of Kyoob:

A cutsie little platformer, with the graphics being black background, with white graphics overlayed, with the occasional splash of neon color.

Probably going to work on a reboot, soon.

Has recently made Charas Stuff of the Month as the feature.


Seed is a project that he worked on for a few days, and is probably never going to be finished due to most people automatically drawing conclusions on how it's going to be like. It's a platforming puzzle game with the core gameplay being based off of time travel. I.E., if you plant a seed in the past, and go into the future, you will have a tree.

Capt. Cannonball

Nothing here, move along.


Game Maker scripting, ask for some help and he might be able to help you out.

Inventing crazy game weapons, including the Expandable Scythe Cannonball, and the Ringsword.


And especially writing.



This is due to his spriting skills to be pure crap.

Friends and Enemies

Friends with Fisherson, and considers himself to be friends with Valiere, both of whom I'm assuming don't have pages. He is also good friends with Sweet_Ichifo, and Hell_Angel. Also recently good friends lucas_irineu

Enemies-Some people dislike me him, for being stupid, but he figures they'd rather not be named.

Where is he now?

Probably sleeping. He's lazy like that.

Footnote-Contribute to this page, my friends.

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