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Welcome, Seekers!

Are you just beginning the search for Truth?

  1. Records of Caelestian Omninauts
  2. The Epics - Chronicles of the Seekers
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The satchel and quill used by the archivist, Lkeas.

This Archive is an attempt to record the primary sources related to the Adventure Quest Truth Saga, as it has come to be known. Here you will find forum posts, IRC logs, myspace blogs, images, video, anything and everything related to the search for Truth.

NOTE: Falerin has kindly provided us this place to store our archive of logs after Lkeas' passing. Feel free to help add new logs. If you are interested but are new to the process, check out the The Archivist's Guide to Archiving!

The Archive is rather vast and can be intimidating at first, but don't worry, there are plenty of seekers around that are willing to help answer your questions! You can find them in the Adventure Quest forums, or on IRC on the Caelestia network. Check out the following channels:

  1. DarkAbode - Where most of the roleplaying occurs
  2. Epic and #Epic-OOC - For major RP events related to the saga
  3. truthseekers - Out of character hang-out, off-topic chat and for solving puzzles. Made by Fal after decideding that #755 and #755-totallyooc no longer fulfilled their original purposes.

If you're just here searching for a specific bit of information, try the search bar.

Damsel has begun a compilation of Truth Seeker bios on her own site! Check it out and submit your description to be included!

Zeltan has been hard at work at his expanded version of the Truthseeker's Guide, which attempts to organize info found in the Truthpedia. You may find it useful as he compiles many of the in-game events, check it out:

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