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XRCW began as the Daniel's Wrestling Federation (DWF) in the mid 90's. During that time, DWF fought mainly on whatever surface the wrestlers came across, even at one time using the top of a 10x10 metal shed roof as a ring until it collapsed after a brutal piledriver attempt. DWF's matches were held under an "Anything Goes" ruleset. Some wrestlers would even go as far as to set up devious traps within the environment hours before a match would even be held. A 24/7 rule was also in place, meaning a match could start anytime, anywhere. A notable example of such an impromptu match would be when Vincent Angelhart was asleep in his bed when he was dragged out of his bed in the middle of the night by the owner and smashed with several pieces of trailer siding and then pulled on top of the metal shed for the infamous collapse incident.

A few years later, the owner refused to wrestle any longer and controlled the federation from several miles away. After some time, he eventually gave his ownership to DXD, a newly signed wrestler who he had never met beyond a phone call. After gaining ownership, DXD changed the name of the fed to Mayhem Wrestling Federation (MWF), which only stuck for a month until he changed it to Radical Championship Wrestling (RCW). With DXD in charge, a few changes were put in place... First of all, to reduce the risk of injuries, the wrestlers were confined to a 20x20 area within their venue. Leaving the area could result the competitor in a loss by count-out. Secondly, rules against the use of weaponry were set in to help reduce injury. The 24/7 rule was also struck out to allow wrestlers rest and a chance to defend themselves as some had actually been pinned in their sleep before. Finally, match types were introduced to allow for variety and tests of skill.

RCW flourished for the next couple of years until DXD and his brother, Adrian Rebel moved to Virginia in 2000. Before leaving, DXD drew out plans to locate and annex any and all federations he came across in order to expand his promotion. In his absence, DXD appointed Angelhart in charge of RCW's operations until he had a chance to return. Upon arrival in VA, DXD learned of a local fed called Side Yard Wrestling which was owned by Money Maker. DXD and Adrian joined them under the guise of being free agents only to reveal themselves a few months later and announcing the plan to annex SYW into the RCW roster. During this time, DXD again renamed his fed to X Radical Championship Wrestling (XRCW). The XRCW vs. SYW wars were waged on and off over the next two years. Eventually, in 2002, DXD claimed SYW after winning a triple threat match against Money and Prime Time after the ring collapsed. DXD then extended the offer to all talent within SYW to come under the XRCW banner, but all refused. DXD immediately shut down SYW and after a brief hiatus from wrestling, returned to XRCW in North Carolina.

During DXD's absence, Angelhart ran a tight ship and kept busy by recruiting new talent. Unfortunately for them, since DXD was champion when he left for his expansion mission in Virginia, XRCW was left with no titles to defend. Angelhart therefor rewarded wrestlers with a temporary title until DXD returned in 2003. Upon his return, DXD resumed control. His first action back was to rename the temporary title the XRCW United States Championship. His second act saw him stripping the current champion, Bryan Roberts, of his title and awarding it to Adrian Rebel. This left DXD with a mutiny on his hands with Angelhart leading the front. Unfortunately, few saw success against their boss as he lay waste to their leader and stirred dissent among each other. After 9 months back in XRCW, DXD was set to make one final return to a revived SYW and despite their differences, returned temporary power to Angelhart.

Upon returning to SYW, DXD and Money Maker met in an office to discuss and agreed to a merger of their companies. The deal would be that they would remain separate entities, but could compete on each others' shows. Eventually, they would unify each brands' world titles to become the SYW/XRCW Undisputed Championship. The merger would hold until SYW's last match of 2005 when in the middle of an "I Quit" match between DXD and Money Maker, one of the ring supports had snapped rendering the structure to be unstable and unfit for further use. After the end of the match, the SYW/XRCW title dissolved back into two separate titles and DXD returned to XRCW once more.

In 2006, DXD was set to make a surprise return to XRCW, but upon returning, he noticed several unwanted changes were made while he was gone. Since nobody liked his previous run with the company, Angelhart, unknowing of what happened in Virginia, assumed DXD would never return and took over XRCW and renamed in to Sadistic Alliance Wrestling (SAW) with its own titles and slightly resembling the old days of the DWF. In DXD's first match back against Angelhart, the stipulations were set that if DXD won, SAW would change back to XRCW and all titles would be confiscated and deactivated with DXD returning as full-time owner. If he lost, however, SAW would remain and DXD would be forced to leave. DXD, with help from a smuggled weapon, won the match and returned XRCW to its rightful station.

In 2008, XRCW learned of a plot hatched by SYW to finally turn the tables and invade XRCW homeland. Money Maker and Maverick from SYW arrived within the Raleigh bus terminal only to be met by Rage, on of XRCW's wrestlers. The three ended up riding around the Triangle area for three days, never making it to XRCW's 3-day supershow, Apocalypse Trinity. During those three days, now known as the "Trinity Invasion Incident", Rage drove the duo around introducing them to vices previously unknown to them. Money Maker fell ill while Maverick tried to tend to Money's sickness. Rage eventually left them stranded back at the bus terminal forcing them to make a return to Virginia. DXD, however, was displeased as he was looking forward to facing SYW on his doorstep.

Later in 2009, XRCW was beginning to see an end. Wrestlers fed up with DXD's abuse of power began to leave. The roster was dwindled to almost nothing, leaving only 5 people left. A few finally got revenge on DXD as they began using his own match tactics against him to pile on losses against him, even causing him to lose the XRCW title to his own brother, Adrian, who in turn lost the title in the same night to Bryan Roberts, gaining his own revenge for having the title stripped from him many years ago. After a sudden stroke of luck, DXD was able to regain his title plus the U.S. title and declared them to be unified. This became the straw that broke the camel's back as the rest of the roster quit immediately. With XRCW now in shambles, its future looked bleak. DXD needed new wrestlers badly, so he turned to the one place he hadn't set his sights on in a long time... SYW.

The plan was simple, defeat Money Maker in a submission match with the stipulations set that the loser of the match would hand over ownership of their company and all of its properties to the victor. The loser would then have to retire. So at SYW's annual supershow, Highway to Hell, DXD was set to face Money Maker one last time. Unfortunately for XRCW, it was not to be DXD's day. He would lose the bout and be forced to retire and relinquish everything to Money Maker. XRCW, the title... everything became the sole property of Money Maker. After the last match of the show, Money announced off camera that anyone who did remain within XRCW would be fired immediately. He then deactivated its last remaining championship and then declared XRCW to be no more.

After 11 years, XRCW was now dead.


  • XRCW Championship
  • XRCW United States Championship
  • SYW/XRCW Undisputed Title
  • SAW World Title
  • XRCW Lightning Weight Title


  • Daniel (former owner, retired 1999)
  • DXD (last owner, retired 2009)
  • Vincent Angelhart
  • Adrian Rebel
  • Ashton
  • Bryan Roberts
  • Jesse Ray
  • Kevin Creech
  • "The Best of the Worst" Michael Worst
  • Mike O. Edwards
  • Rage
  • Benjamin Evenson
  • Miguel Sanchez
  • Janelle Raub
  • Jason Poe
  • Kirstie
  • Brittany
  • Tim Howell
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