UWO I - Total Annihilation

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UWO I - Total Annihilation
Date Held November 1, 2006
Location Summerville, SC
Participating Feds UWO


UWO'S first ever event. It is named TOTAL ANNHILATION! There is hatred about. Jobs on the line. And a title dispute to be settled. It will be held at the usual arena. If you want to see us wrestle, leave us a response, and ask where we are at! Total Annhilation is sponsored by the band Under the Flood, who gave us permission to use the song Open Me Up as our offical theme. So much thanks goes out to them. The event will start at about 1PM. Here is so far the scheduled card:

  • In his first match in UWO Spectre challenges Sterling Silverman for his title shot opportunity. If Spectre wins, he will face the Perfection Selection and the winner of the new number one contenders match for the title.
  • In the new number one contenders match that will name the new number one contender after this pay per view... Asylum has officially challenged Kurtis Spade for a title shot. These two have been exchanging words for a while now, and the feud will be put to an end this Sunday.
  • And in the Main Event... Sterling Silverman has won the opportunity to face The Perfection Selection for the UWO World Heavyweight Championship. Sterling Silverman vs Perfection Selection for the UWO Title in a match to be named, what match will The Perfection Selection choose? Stay tuned to UWO to find out!
    • note if Sterling Silverman loses against Spectre the main event may be scheduled to change.


# Matches Stipulations
1 Sterling Silverman defeated Spectre Single Match, Winner takes on the Perfection Selection for the Championship
2 Kurtis Spade defeated Asylum Singles Match
3 Sterling Silverman defeated Perfection Selection (c) Single match for the UWO Heavyweight Championship
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
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