UWO 8 - The Ides of March

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Original Card

  • Johnny Democracy has been pushing and pushing for the UWO Championship for months and he will get his second chance at it! He will be taking on the UWO Champion Kurtis Spade. Johnny Democracy earned his shot by defeating Sterling Silverman at UWO 7. He beat im in a No-Holds-barred match and it was an awesome match to watch. Johnny now will have bigger concerns as he will face Kurtis Spade who hasnt lost a match since UWO 2 against... Sterling Silverman (everything revolves around a circle). So at UWO 8 the main event will see Johnny Democracy vs Kurtis Spade for the UWO Championship!
  • In a match with FUTURE earnings maybe at stake... it will be time to meet your maker as UWO will once again see Spectre!! Spectre has had his struggles against Kid-Saneo but once to end it at UWO 8 as he will be facing Kid-Saneo in a no-disqualifications match. Spectre can use his blood-mist use low blows, chairs, whatever he wants. UWO 8, Spectre vs Kid-Saneo; No Disqualifications!


Kurtis Spade defeated Johnny Democracy via pinfall after the Fold Out to retain the UWO Heavyweight Championship.
Spectre defeated Kid-Saneo via pinfall.

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