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  • First, we will start off with the very special Main Event for UWO 7. A challenge was issued by Johnny Democracy a few months back for a No-Holds-Barred match. The match was accepted by no other than the "Epitome of Extreme" Sterling Silverman. So the main event will be none other than Sterling Silverman vs Johnny Democracy in a No-Holds-Barred match and it will be for the Number One Contendership for the UWO Championship!
  • Spectre will be teeing off against Kid-Saneo at UWO 7. Spectre hasnt found a rhythm yet in the UWO winning some and losing some and Kid-Saneo hasnt found a rhythm at all still winless in the UWO. Will Kid-Saneo win a match or will the "Never Win Kid" follow through with his nickname and lose another.
  • The UWO Champion Kurtis Spade will be facing Bryan Alize'a in a non-title match. Bryan has showed a lot of future in the UWO and has a lot of potential but is the Fourth Ace too much for him to handle... or will he put his money where his mouth is and beat the UWO Champion making him one of the future contenders for his title?


Johnny Democracy defeated Sterling Silverman via pinfall.
Spectre defeated Kid-Saneo via pinfall
Kurtis Spade defeated Bryan Alize'a via forfeit.

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