UWO 3 - Memorial Day Massacre

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UWO III - Memorial Day Massacre
Date Held May 27, 2007
Location Summerville, SC
Participating Feds UWO


  • In the Opening Match: We have a CRUSIERWEIGHT CHALLENGE MATCH! It will be two new comers showing what they got, and showing UWO something that hasn't been seen with different moves and high flying skills! It will be the flashy gangster himself D.Lee vs the unknown masked man Kid-Saneo! It should be a flashy match with a lot of high flying maneuvers unseen of so far in UWO it should be a pleasure for the fans to watch.
  • In a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH TO EARN A SPOT IN THE NUMBER ONE CONTENDER'S MATCH, it will be the killer clown Asylum vs Spectre vs Johnny Democracy. Spectre and Johnny Democracy have NOT been on the same page as of recently as Johnny Democracy speared Asylum and then hit the D-5 on his partner Spectre, throwing him on Asylum. He left the match and both of them got counted out. That was a handicap match, now all of them are fighting their way to become the top man in UWO. The winner will earn a spot in the Number One Contender's match against former UWO champion Perfection Selection.
  • NUMBER ONE CONTENDER MATCH: It will be the former UWO champion Perfection Selection vs the winner of the Triple Threat match between Asylum, Spectre, and Johnny Democracy.
  • And in the MAIN EVENT! It will be a HARDCORE MATCH. Back by popular demand, it will be Kurtis Spade vs Sterling Silverman II for the UWO CHAMPIONSHIP. Sterling Silverman won the first match but after he won he was violently attacked by Kurtis Spade with a steel chair leaving him bruised and broken on the ground. Kurtis Spade earned himself another title shot with that attack and Sterling Silverman has claimed he will face him in a Hardcore Match for the title. Sterling Silverman being the Epitome of Extreme will of course put on a hell of a match, but the Fourth Ace, Kurtis Spade is a fighter and he will be sure to put his body on the line. Both of these Superstars are willing to put their bodies on the line for the UWO title. But who will be victorious? Find out This Sunday at UWO 3!
# Matches Stipulations
1 D. Lee defeated Kid-Saneo Singles Cruiserweight Match
2 Johnny Democracy defeated Spectre and Asylum Triple Threat Match
3 Johnny Democracy defeated Perfection Selection Singles Match for the #1 contender spot
4 Kurtis Spade defeated Sterling Silverman (c) Singles No Rules, No Limits match for the UWO Heavyweight Championship
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
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