The NBYWA Reform

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The NBYWA Reform is the enacted expansion of the National Backyard Wrestling Alliance (NBYWA).

The Reform


1zx8ar5.jpg Top: NBYWA logo from January 22 - August 22, 2009. Bottom: NBYWA Logo from August 22, 2009 - February 9, 2012.

On January 22, 2009, Skull Jr. founded the National Backyard Wrestling Alliance due to his time with the Global Backyard Wrestling News forums. He was dedicated to make a friendly community of wrestlers and their federations. However, during the first two and a half years of the community's existence, the join rate of federations was low. Skull needed to find something to raise more awareness to the community and eventually hired his brother Sunomi in November 2011, as Sunomi had many ideas for the community and it's growth. This is the first involvement Sunomi has had in backyard wrestling as a whole since 2008.

The Beginning

affwhk.jpg NBYWA logo from February 9, 2012 - Present.

The reform started on February 9, 2012, when the NBYWA introduced a new logo and a new slogan, "Bring It Out Back!". The beginning also included the re-naming of positions of power in the NBYWA, such as Skull being officially re-christened from the "Owner" to the "Overseer", and Jake Xinn and Sunomi's positions being re-named from "Assistant Manager" and "Co-Business Manager" respectively to "Councilors". The reason why these changes were made was to have less of a business and more of a community feel. More changes are to come in 2012 and the future. On February 15, RPK became the third councilor. The current rules of the NBYWA hierarchy are that there are three councilors, so those positions are filled. On December 14, Skull made more announcements regarding the reform. The tune used at many of the NBYWA videos would stop being used after 2012, with the exception of videos relating to NBYWA 9 and 10. Those supershows, he also announced, would be the last of the NBYWA Numbered Events, being replaced with a new series of supershows called the NBYWA King's Card. The same day it was announced that NBYWA's video production will receive a small upgrade, in that every video starting with the first King's Card video will be presented in widescreen.

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