The Backyard

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The Backyard
Directed by Paul Hough
Produced by Paul Hough
Starring The Lizard
The Retarded Butcher
Editing by Paul Hough
Distributed by HiQi Media
Image Entertainment
Release date 2004
Running time HiQi Media
Image Entertainment
Country USA

The Backyard is a backyard wrestling documentary conducted by Paul Hough and features semi-retired professional wrestler Rob Van Dam. Originally initiated in 2002, it was released 2004 in the U.S by HiQi Media and Image Entertainment. The documentary also received a rating of NC-17 from the MPAA.



The documentary surrounds the ambitious lives of teenage males in their quest to begin a path in the backyard in hopes of becoming a futuristic professional wrestler which they risk life and limb to test their tribulations in a brutally hardcore environment much to the displeasures and concerns of their parents and guardians. Most conspicuous of all is The Lizard, who walks us through his journey in the independent circuit and his trials to make it in World Wrestling Entertainment through attempting to win the Tough Enough challenge.


  • The Lizard
  • Chaos
  • Scar
  • LockJaw
  • Heartless
  • The Retarded Butcher
  • Sic


  • Best Picture at Silver Lake Film Festival
  • Audience Award at Brooklyn International Film Festival
  • Best Lounge Film at Sonoma Valley Film Festival
  • Critic's Choice at Edinburgh International Film Festival
  • Director's Choice Award at Texas Film Festival


The Backyard was called "Astounding" by the New York Times: New York Times Response

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