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The momentum shift occured promptly when XBW Owner, Deathwarrent quickly deprived Reilly Davidson of the title on the next episode and Supercard entitled In Memory Of, which was later contested in a double title 2 Out of 3 Falls bout between Chris Phoenix and War that War won. JCW was rarely seen following the incident, but soon Davidson employed the services of newbie Shawn Hartless, who was able to attain the XBW Hardcore Championship from The Icon in their first stroke of progress after Davidson regulated the title to be defended on a 24/7 basis.

While Deathwarrent was after War for the XBW Championship, he kayfabe kidnapped War in the back of his trunk following a Tag match where he partnered with Psycho to take on both War and The Icon. After Davidson unsuccessfully tries to acquire The Icon to the alliance, Deathwarrent defects to JCW after winning the XBW Title at Mayhem episode 7, consequently having to relinquish his ownership rendering it available to War who signs on to the agreement. Before the end of the year, War was unable to regain the XBW Championship.

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