RLSW Termination (2009)

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RLSW Termination (2009)
Promotion Round Lake Syndicate Wrestling
Date March 24, 2009 (aired)
Venue RLSW Arena
Location Round Lake, New York
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RLSW Termination 2009
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RLSW Termination 2009
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RLSW Termination (2009) was a backyard wrestling free-per-view event produced by Round Lake Syndicate Wrestling, which aired on March 24, 2009 in the RLSW Arena in Round Lake, New York. The event was the second annual Termination.



The first match of the event was between Thor and E-Jay for the RLSW Hardcore Championship. Before the contest, E-Jay announced the reinstatement of the RLSW Hardcore Championship claiming he was the "most hardcore" in RLSW and offered a challenge to whomever appeared. Thor answered the challenge. The match started with a clothesline attempt by E-Jay quickly converted into an armbar wrench and kicks by Thor before E-Jay manages an unsuccessful roll up. Thor then exerts his strength to overpower throughout the majority of the match tossing, bullying and pummeling a much younger underdog in E-Jay quite frivolously, despite attempts by E-Jay to turn the tide. In the end, Drake Cannon interfered on E-Jay's behalf subsequently connecting with a cutter on Thor and opportuned E-Jay to get the pinfall.

The next match was between AJ Badd and Genocide in a Last Man Standing match. Genocide locks horn with Badd for a collar and elbow tie up but Genocide slips, Badd moves in for the kill, but Genocide regains a vertical base. Genocide tried to ground Badd with a sleeper hold, but Badd overcame it. The contest proceeded in the same fashion with both fighting for the upper hand following counters and the near counts of 10 from the official while both were on the mat. The match roamed outside of the base, where Badd ended up bloodying Genocide by forcing his head into a bar and decimating him with strikes including with a piece of wood. Genocide fought back with some offense as the match soon moved to the car park area and back to the arena. Genocide caused Badd to bleed after slamming him into a pole. After a powerbomb onto a situated ladder, Badd assumed the match was over leaving the base area, but Genocide returned to his feet at 9. Genocide was able to hit the TKO off a part of the set and victored the match as the last man standing.

The main event was between Drake Cannon and Perfection in a No Disqualification match for the RLSW World Championship. It was a last minute decision seemingly changed from being JD Static. Perfection promptly acted with a Black Hole Slam on the impulse of an attack by Cannon. He continued with a failed pincount, strikes and an armbar. Both opponents looked for early unprevalent pinfalls and began trading blows from the mat up to the entranceway. Cannon went for a moonsault off a part of the set but missed. The match headed back to the mat and Perfection landed a Fireman's Carry almost winning with a pin. Cannon tried to finish the match in desperation. Perfection executed a powerbomb off the mat to the outside, however, Cannon still escaped pinfall which frustrated Perfection. After Cannon countered a grip position into a cutter, he picked up the win.


# Results Stipulations Times
1 E-Jay defeated Thor via pinfall Pinfalls Count Anywhere match for vacant RLSW Hardcore Championship 11:14
2 Genocide defeated AJ Badd via last man standing Last Man Standing match 24:57
3 Drake Cannon (c) defeated The Perfection via pinfall Singles match for RLSW World Championship 17:17


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