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Money Maker
Ring name Cash Money
Money Maker
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Born N/A
Resides Virginia
Debut N/A

Jonathan Moore, better known by his ring names Money Maker and Cash Money, is an American backyard wrestler in Side Yard Wrestling.


Money Maker is the founder of Side Yard Wrestling and one of its few remaining members on the active roster.

Money prided himself on his 12 years of wrestling training and conditioning. He has won every title within his own company, but not by his decision, but by actually competing instead of placing the title on himself. His greatest rivalries included Prime Time, DXD,Matt Drumheller, Maverick and Charlie "Shadow" Young.

In 2008, he changed his ring name to Cash Money.

He is currently running his promotion on an annual basis, holding his supershow "Highway to Hell" every April or somewhere in the summer depending on his rostermates' schedules. He also runs a show on the SYWwrestling channel on Youtube called The Cash Money Show. So far, six episodes have been produced with more on the way.

Signature Moves

The Bullet (flying headbutt)

Money Drop (pedigree)

Seeing Dollar Signs (stunner)

12 Years Elbow Drop

Big Splash

Crossface Chicken Wing

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