Louisiana Backyard Wrestling

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Louisiana Backyard Wrestling
Acronym LBYW
Established 2008
Founder Nick Weston
Owner Nick Weston (2008-2010)
Steven Hardy (2010-present)
Key People Steven Hardy (President)
Type of site Forum
Number of members
Federations under banner 4
Current status Active
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Louisiana Backyard Wrestling (LBYW), is a state-wide outreaching, backyard wrestling social, media-sharing online forum community devised and owned by Nick Weston in 2008, who ran his own federation Anytime Wrestling that folded in October 2009.

Nick Weston started competitive features such as the King of LBYW tournament, That is held every year to crown a new federation as the holder of the LBYW Heavyweight Championship.


These LBYW championships are assigned to different louisiana backyard wrestling federations.

Championships Current champion(s) Date Won Event
LBYW Heavyweight Championship
LBYW Championship
Storman Norman
September 27, 2009
HWO Weekly Event
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