Lance Lightning

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Lance Lightning
Ring name Lance Lightning
Height 6'1
Weight N/A
Born Liverpool, England
Resides Perth
Debut 2001
Retired 2005

Lance Lightning is a retired Australian backyard wrestler who performed for X-treme Championship Wrestling. Lance is a former xCw Hardcore and xCw Tag Team Champion, and won the first ever xCw match in 2001. In character, Lance Lightning is a smashmouth brawler, with a style focused on power, unpredictability and submission. Lance entered xCw and initially was involved in a feud over respect against Wolverine, and also feuded briefly with Defuzer. Lance retired in July 2002, but came back in November 2002 to win the xCw Hardcore Championship in a short feud with Vorny 2 Horny, then feuded with former partner Tazer before retiring shortly after at Christmas Kaos 2 in December. 6 Months later, he was back in xCw for his 3rd run where he re-united with Tazer and joined the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance stable to fight against the babyfaces of xCw, and was involved in heated feuds with Blade Shaw and Junior Referee Daniel Bonner. He and Tazer won the xCw Tag Team Championship from Team OJ in late 2003 after they had turned babyface, and his last feud was against Just Mike which ended at Highway To Hell 2004. He eventually retired in 2005 at xCw's Fight For Farewell, where he defeated longtime nemesis Blade Shaw in a brutal 2/3 Falls match.

In wrestling

  • Finishing & signature moves
  • Ride The Lightning (Spinning sidewalk slam)
  • Lightning Bolt (Bossman slam)
  • Ankle Lock
  • Spinecrusher (Spinebuster with more impact)
  • LancePeedo (Flying headbutt)
  • Arm wringer
  • DDT
  • Samoan Drop
  • Repeated knees to gut
  • Entrance Themes
  • "Cowboys From Hell" by Pantera.

Championships and accomplishments

  • Ocean Reef Wrestling Federation
ORWF Tag Team Championship (2 times) - with Tazer
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