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John Keller
Ring name John Keller
Height The Greatest Height In The World
Weight The Greatest Weight In The World
Born The Greatest Year Ever
Resides The Greatest City In The World
Debut May 2, 2010
Retired June 21, 2010

John "The King" Keller is a semi-retired American backyard wrestler. As a former BBW World Heavyweight Champion, a reign which made him the oldest ever to have won the championship, Keller had performed for Bethlehem Xtreme Wrestling making him all-in-all arguably the oldest in history to have ever competed in backyard wrestling.


Backyard wrestling tenure

John Keller, a senior in his lifetime, debuted for Bethlehem Xtreme Wrestling on at the Paul Kunkle Memorial event on May 2, 2010, in an upset victory over then-champion JP to win the BBW World Heavyweight Championship after a succession of fierce elbow smashes. The result made Keller arguably the oldest active backyard wrestler in history and the oldest to ever win the BBW World Title. Keller doctored an undefeated streak using his deadly elbow smashes until he was later forced to retire from backyard wrestling due to Social Security threatening to stop paying for his health insurance if he continued.

In December 2010, Keller starting going under a king gimmick and began calling out popular backyard wrestling personality, Rad Hazard, at events he attended and in videos of his own posted online. Warned by Hazard about a secret that was threatened to be revealed, Keller ignored and kept on his personal attacks making fun of Hazard and suggested they settled their differences. In May 2011, the reigning GBYWN United States Champion Rad Hazard gave one last chance for Keller to stop calling him out. At Day 1 of the BXW Paul Kunkle Memorial 2 event on June 11, Hazard let the secret open that he could, if and when he regained power as GBYWN "Executive Shareholder" after having lost his Chairman position to King BW, reverse Keller's reign as BBW World Champion for using the belt as a weapon in the match he won the title in for which he was not disqualified for. Keller was put to face Hazard the next day on Day 2. There, Keller defeated Hazard in a Lumberjack match to culminate their 6-month long feud.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Elbow Smash
  • Nicknames
    • The King
  • Entrance theme
    • Jerry Lawler's WWE Theme

Championships and accomplishments

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