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Ring name IKUman
Height 6'2
Weight N/A
Born Perth
Resides China
Debut xCw Extreme Evolution I
Retired xCw Fight For Farewell, 2005

IKUman is a Chinese-Australian backyard wrestler retired from X-treme Championship Wrestling. He is known as one of the best mic workers in xCw, and was known as "The 3rd Evolution", as his character evolved from the deranged monster Super IKU, to the more darker version, Ultra IKU, to the unmasked version, IKUman. In character, IKUman was a top heel and a veteran of xCw with a style focused on Hardcore wrestling, brawling, and power domination. Out of character he was the lead commentator for xCw. He is a former xCw Extreme Carnage Champion. He retired in 2005 as he was moving to the east side of Australia, but he now resides in China.

In wrestling

  • Finishing & signature moves
  • IKUmanhandle (Double Arm Stunner-like face plant)
  • IKUsion (Modified sidewalk slam)
  • Skull and Cross Bones (Full Nelson submission)
  • Multiple backbreaker
  • Full Nelson slam off elevated position
  • Bulldog
  • Hard clothesline
  • Repeated chops to throat
  • Charging running headbutt
  • Standing splash
  • Breakea (Submission)
  • Entrance Themes
  • "Survivor Theme" by CBS Broadcasting (Super/Ultra IKU 2002-2003).
  • "Bigger and Badder" by Methix (2003-2005).

Championships and accomplishments

DVD Release

The Evolution of IKUman (2011)

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