GBYWN Deathmatch Championship

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GBYWN Deathmatch Championship
Current champion Twisted Outkast
Date won July 18, 2009
Promotion Xtreme 2 Xtraordinary Wrestling
Associated with Global Backyard Wrestling Nation
Date introduced July 18, 2009
Most reigns N/A
First champion Twisted Outkast
Longest reign N/A
Shortest reign N/A

The GBYWN Deathmatch Championship is a backyard wrestling championship assigned as one of various other championships in backyard wrestling alliance, Global Backyard Wrestling Nation (GBYWN). The title was conceived for the deathmatch hardcore style competition which is designated to sometimes be featured by showcases between few backyard wrestlers.




For the hardcore deathmatch wrestling nature, GBYWN conceived the Deathmatch Championship. On July 18, 2009 at X2X Wrestlegasm, the title was contested in a Deathmatch which saw Twisted Outkast prevail over Rockin Rivera to be recognized as the first champion.

Title Contention

The title was first pit for contention on July 18, 2009 at X2X Wrestlegasm. At the event, Twisted Outkast beat Rockin Rovera to become the inaugural champion.

Title history

# Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Event: Location: Notes:
Twisted Outkast
July 18, 2009
X2X Wrestlegasm
St. Louis, Missouri
Twisted Outkast defeat Rockin Rivera in a Deathmatch to first ever GBYWN Deathmatch Champion.

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