Day of Reckoning IV

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CWA Day of Reckoning
Promotion Championship Wrestling Association
Date July 26, 2008
Venue Dowell Arena
Location Louisville, Kentucky
Free Per View Chronology
CWA Day of Reckoning IV
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CWA Day of Reckoning Chronology
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CWA Day of Reckoning Iv was a backyard wrestling event produced by Championship Wrestling Association (CWA). The show was took place on July 26, 2008 in Louisville, Kentucky.

The main event was originally scheduled to be a three way dance between then current CWA World Champion, CJ Styles, Max Vender and Renegade. This match-up became just a 1 on 1 match between Max Vender and Renegade because CJ Styles was forced to vacate the title due to getting mono.


The predominant feud heading into Day of Reckoning was between The Prodigy and Kevin Porter.


Match # Results Stipulations Times
1 Joe Randa defeated Before & After Handicap Match for a future Tag Team Title shot N/A
2 Eruption defeated Kamikaze to retain Intercontinental Championship 2 out of 3 Falls Match N/A
3 Odditie defeated Brad Dominion A Seal your Fate Casket Match N/A
4 Kevin Porter defeated The Prodigy reverse decision Prodigy was original winner but would not let go of Sharpshooter N/A
5 Max Vender defeated Renegade to win vacated CWA Title Main Event for Vacated CWA Title N/A
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