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[edit] Biology K483 - Biological Chemistry - IUPUI

Welcome to the (unofficial) class wiki for BIOLK483 at IUPUI. This wiki is set up on this free wiki farm (a site dedicated to hosting wikis) for all enrolled in BIOLk483 to add to, edit, correct, and study by. Please keep in mind that real people add to this site, so real mistakes do happen. I'll refer to Wikipedia's disclaimer as a good explanation.

[edit] Lecture Notes

//Exam 1 Notes

Exam 1: 10/18/06

//Exam 2 Notes

Exam 2: 11/20/06

//Final Notes

Comprehensive Final: 12/18/06 1-3pm

//Personal Study Guides

[edit] Exam 1 Distribution

Here is the distribution of exam 1 grades --interpret as you'd like.

Image:Exam1 Grade distribution.png

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