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  • Action Girl / 51 / Action / Erin is a very strong and talented woman. Trains everyday at the Dojo becoming stronger and stronger, and becoming a threat towards all sorts of crooks. One of Erin's goals is to surpass her trainer and long-time lover Andy in strength, but it wont be an easy road as Andy seems to do everything a little more better. Erin and Andy set out for training in the outdoors and will face all sorts of counterparts in the hopes of becoming the best.

  • Basement Club / 36 / Comedy / Justin has created the ultimate club, in a downstairs basement underneath the stairwell, which turns out to be one of the best places you could have a club. James is the main and only visitor to this club. Justin and James have many adventures in this club while avoiding the enemies. Justin's sisters.

  • Bergakkle / 26 / Kids / Meet Bergakkle, an unusual kid in an unusual world full of places with names that aren't even english but do sound dutch...huh? Well anyway, Bergakkle sets out on a random adventure, meets very unique individuals and sees what life is all about.

  • Burger Palace / 8 / ??? / Welcome to the Burger Palace, the ultimate burger joint in the country, and one of the top-hangouts ever gone to. The owner, Mitch Hasky, had succeeded in this dream by creating so many fun events that go into Burger Palace to keep people coming and less going.

  • Cooking With Chris / 45 / Cooking+Comedy / Chris wants to feed you with his food. In this cooking series Chris will take select dishes and turn them into "super-yummy", with many different ways he prepares them, which includes all of his mind-blowing main dishes, served with a side of "haha, funny".

  • Daredevil Kathleen / 22 of 44 / Adventure / Kathleen is a girl who loves danger and trying out sometimes pretty dangerous stuff. There is more however to why she does it, Kathleen plans to enter the Daredevil Hall of Fame for people who've done such radical and dangerous talents. Kathleen looks to exceed some records and start some of her own so that she can someday be well known for her achivements.

  • Family Trip / 9 / Adventure / When you're young, you may often experience different sites and scenery when you go on a little vacation with your family, but if your family's a little moodish on wanting to go, things can be difficult. Especially when the father decides to rent a wretched cabin in the woods surrounded by crazy people.

  • Freakin' Funny / 49 / Comedy / This older adult comedy offers so much fun you'll think owning all the money in the world is old school! We hope so anyway.

ADDED: 7/20/11

  • Hotel Crazy / 24 / Teen Drama / Michael wins a competition to enjoy a free weekend stay in a luxurious hotel. While there the weekend, he'll explore how the place is run, discover the kinds of people that stay and maybe even discover some girls. All in this fun-filled weekend! - 1-hour-per-episode series.

  • JaB / 32 / Comedy / James and Brett from the TKN Studios (now JTV Studios) and put together a mixture of segments into one half-hour of fun. Some segments include: Phone Calls, Story and Viewer Mail.

ADDED: 7/20/11

  • Letisha's World / 116 / Teen Drama / Letisha enters high school with big dreams, but before they're realized, she must endure all the work ahead of her, including avoiding the in-crowd girls set to make her general life miserable for an unknown reason. After a mishap which spreads across the school, Letisha becomes the most popular girl and is accepted by the in-crowd girls who loosen up and make friends with Letisha. From then on, everything happens for the better... right?

ADDED: 7/20/11

  • Maze Trap / 26 / Action-Adventure / When a precious girl is kidnapped, it's up to Casey to rescue her, the only problem is she's been taken to the Labyrinth Colony which is a huge maze that could take weeks just to get through. The maze wont be Casey's only problem as inside of it for the miles there are lies danger and deceit, but with a focus on a goal, it wont stop Casey from saving the girl.

  • Pablo, Aberto & The Detective / 44 / Comedy / Pablo and Aberto, troublemakers are on the loose and of all people to keep up the chase is an annoying and really clumsy detective who'll do everything he can to turn them in for a higher reward, but with the talent of these two, it wont be easy.

  • Party! / 17 / Comedy / New neighbor Mr. Smith, who starts out as a plain guy everybody seems to just ignore suddenly becomes the most popular guy on the block when he welcomes everybody over to his place for a party, at first when everybody looks inside there's nothing but to them "boringness", but with one press of a button, nobody may want to leave again!

  • Planet Blue / 14 / Action / A special planet colored a sparkly and beautiful blue is under attack by a group of terrorists, and now it's up to the Blue Crew to do everything they can to protect a very rare and cherised planet.

  • Quest / 90 of 206 / Action, Adventure / Jessica, Kenneth and Brenna, a lazy cleric set off on an adventure to seek out the home on an ancient scroll that is given to them. Along the way they must battle weird creatures and all sorts of beings without losing the scroll. They'll meet countless amounts of people on the journey, making some friends and having tag-alongs for an extended team.

  • Santa's Workshop / 26 / Comedy / Santa has such a hard time with everything at the North Pole, his reindeer seem to be nutcases and his elves are a bit nogged-out. All he has is Mrs. Claus who's probably the only one normal around there. After a failed Christmas, Santa must work on getting his elves and reindeer back in shape by the next Christmas to not only make it the best for all the girls and boys, but possibily make it the best one he's had in centuries.

  • Search For Freedom / 41 / Drama / Arlene and Nate have escaped a realyl awful prison were they were taken for no reason and mistreated awfully. In no time their escape is learned about, and now they must stay on the run for as long as they can, nowhere is safe and most everybody seems to know about them and will do anything to send them back.

  • Secret Cop / 26 / Action+Comedy / Secret Cop, whom knowbody knows but appreciates for his hard work is on the chase of anybody who disobeys the law, and sometimes even his own laws if he's allowd to. Secret Cop is out to protect the most innocent, men! What a guy, what a guy.

  • She Is So Blonde / 15 / Comedy / One blonde woman, Lillian, prooves that there's no such thing as a smart blonde, as about everything she does gets so many people to laugh at her with every mistake. Her only friends are pretty much in the same boat, as all are blonde, but not quite as dumb as Lillian. It's a blonde world and everybody enjoys it.

ADDED: 7/20/11

  • Slingo / 900 / Game / Slingo's Wiki Page - 12 seasons of 75 episodes produced leading to 900. JGN has aired them all twice. It has since retained the rights to the final 3 seasons of 225 episodes.

  • Summer Days / 13 / Drama / When you're young, summer is the best time of your childhood. In one particular summer though, one kid seems to be on the alone side as all of his friends have left for the summer, so he begins to experience the joys that being alone in the summer can have, and turns out to enjoy them. All of this for his future refrence on the days of summer he had as a kid.

  • The Orange Men / 26 / Comedy / Mr. Willard, a cranky old man begins all these hallucinations seeing "Orange Men", small triangular orange creatures who really do exist but can only be seen, heard, and felt by Mr. Willard. The Orange Men like to play practical jokes on him and try to teach him to be more polite towards people around him, sometimes it backfires though and ends up getting Mr. Willard into some heat.

  • Tropical Paradise / 8 / Adventure / Spring break has come to college students nation wide, and many plan to go to one of the hottest destinations, a tropical island with no name, so they nickname it "Tropical Paradise".

ADDED: 7/20/11

  • Underground Home / 26 / Adventure-Drama / Many people have various ways they live and where they live, Donovan is such a case. Donovan decides he wants a home underground to avoid a hot-tempered society he doesn't understand. It goes around alright, but almost everyday produces some kind of challenge for him, mostly timid creatures that want to ravage him in some way. To Donovan, it's a small price to pay for what peace he does get.

  • Your Dishes / 24 / Cooking / Viewers 12-17 send in video tapes of their own signature food creations with recipes for you to try.
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