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UNO 'Games featuring at least a total of 3 BPE members


BPE Members: James B, Brenna B, Ashley H, Jessica M, Kenneth M, Mara M, Lawrence P

TUESDAY AUGUST 28TH, 2012 -- James B, Ashley H, Jessica M, Lawrence P
FRIDAY NOVEMBER 9TH, 2012 -- James B, Ashley H, Mara M

Former UNO Layout -- The Table always stayed red, the background behind it would chance depending what card was laid down. They used to have "Gifts" and "Gags". You'd build up coins from playing games, then send a gift or gag to anybody. Not pictured, but the "gags" were kind of like "bitter" gifts. One of which was a thorn rose. People used them on people, especially if they were delt something like a Draw 4. Picture date: May 20th, 2011

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