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This page is designed to apply to Russian animated films, although presumably many of these titles also work for live-action films.

Russian title ---English equivalent(s)--- Notes
режиссёр-постановщик director-producer
No exact English equivalent. Use "director-producer" if there are other "directors" credited as well.
автор сценария screenwriter
сценарий screenplay
режиссёр director
кинорежиссёр director
ассистент режиссёра assistant director Literally translated as "director's assistant"
оператор camera operator
оператор-постановщик cinematographer
ассистент оператора assistant camera
художник-постановщик art director
xудожник artist In some older films, "artist" was the equivalent of what would be "art director" later on.
ассистент xудожника assistant artist
xудожник-декоратор decorative artist
звукорежиссер sound director
звукооператор sound operator
монтажёр editor
редактор script editor
аниматор animator used mainly in the post-Soviet period
художник-аниматор animator "artist-animator" (or "animation artist") is the literal translation
художник-мультипликатор animator "artist-animator" (or "animation artist") is the literal translation
мультипликатор animator used mainly in the Soviet period
фазовщик inbetweener
прорисововщик inbetweener
художник-прорисововщик inbetweener literally "artist-inbetweener"
куклы и декорации puppets and decorations
скульптор sculptor
художник фонов background artist
композитор composer
дирижёр conductor
orchestra conductor
музыкальное оформление musical arrangement
шумовое оформление sound design
синхронные шумы synchronized sounds
цифровая запись звука digital sound recording
монтаж звука sound editing
запись актёров voice recording
дозапись актёров voice prerecording
подбор актёров casting
текст читает narrator
роли озвучивали voiced by
актёр actor
voice actor
артист/артистка actor
voice actor
художественный руководитель artistic supervisor Fairly uncommon. Used by Aleksandr Ptushko in the 1940s, and Aleksandr Tatarskiy in the 1990s/2000s. May be used if students are directing a film supervised by a teacher.
по мотивам (...) based on the [...] by
based on the [...]s of
[...] could be "works", "poem", etc.
продюсер producer this title seems to be used only in post-Soviet films
исполнительный продюсер executive producer this title is rare and seems to be used only in post-Soviet films
директор production director
production manager
line producer
also "директор съёмочной группы". Responsible for the behind-the-scenes work of organizing the film group, not for any creative tasks.
администратор administrator
финансовый директор financial director
тех. ассистент technical assistant
рендеринг rendering
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