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Welcome to Ancient Ways!

This is an experimental wiki to see how to set a wiki up for Ancient Ways. Once we have the format and editing techniques down we will add real content. Enjoy!

Introduction & FAQ

Ancient Ways is what it is and does what it does...and we're really good at it. (Some assembly required.)

Ancient Ways Groups

The Groups are the backbone of Ancient Ways. They, as a collective, serve as a repository of knowledge about all things Ancient.


The Forum is where we discuss all topics of interest to Ancient Ways. Our members and groups meet there. (Note: This link is only an example as there is no forum)


Welcome to our Chatroom. Check the Forum for our next chat session date and time, or drop by to see who's there right now. (Note: This link is only an example as there is no chatroom)


Join Ancient Ways, or see who already has!


Ancient Ways strives for clarity, simplicity and accessibility in its regulations and inner workings. Here you will find details of our internal administration.


The illustrious history of Ancient Ways.


For questions or remarks about Ancient Ways itself or your membership therein.

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