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The Newest Arthurian Seat, Sagramore Seat troops are the elite ground forces of the new Arthurian Army.



Failures on the Field

After the government of the Confederated African States agreed to a program of integration with the Arthurians, the ground troops of Lancelot Seat were stood down and moved to garrison duty. Lancelot Prime and Lancelot-2 conducted a review of the invasion, and found much that was wanting. The operational planning was found to be too rigid, the platoons were found to be tactically inflexible and ill-equipped to deal with well-drilled opponents. It was often only the superiority of Arthurian battle-armour that saved the Lancelot troops. Moreover, in the effort to equip their troops for every eventuality, the Lancelot Command had over-equipped their squads, and forced individual troopers to over-specialise. An Arthurian platoon of ten men had six heavy weapons of varying types for varied battlefield roles. Communication with Percival Seat's squadrons was appaling, leading to many friendly fire incidents, or air support being entirely absent.

As a result, the Lancelot Seat has undergone massive changes. The three divisions were stripped of much of their special equipment, and reorganised into general combat companies of thirty men. Each company Captain was re-trained to co-odinate air support and heavy support. Lastly, the newly-formed special weapons division was split off from Lancelot Seat, and given over to a new seat, under the command of Lancelot Cavanaugh and Palamedes-3, who took the names Sagramore Prime and 2.

Sagramore Seat and Military Expansion

Sagramore troops are currently being trained in three main roles - as battlefield engineers, as heavy support, and as shock troops. Where spreading heavy weapons amongst the three Arthurian divisions was a mistake that led to over-specialisation amongst troopers, in Sagramore squads' hands, tactical flexibility is restored. The new squads are highly mobile, and can each fulfil any of the three main Sagramore roles. Sagramore squads set up firebases near reserve bases. When called on by a Company Captain, they can deploy quickly from low-flying insertion craft piloted by Percivals, selecting weaponry for the mission en route. While untested in combat, the Sagramore model has proven highly effective in border skirmishes thus far.

The Excalibur Server

In order to co-ordinate the growing and ever more complex Arthurian military, Lancelot Seat commanders requested that an extra battle Server be created alongside the Merlin Server, allowing Percival, Lancelot and Sagramore Seats to co-ordinate operations at a much higher level. The idea was that this Server would allow each unit leader in the Arthurian military to patch into the larger battle-plan through it. Taliesinn Seat took twelve DPUs from the Merlin server (just under one tenth of the remaining processors) to create the second most powerful computer in the galaxy, and the xcalibur Server was born.


There is one Sagramore Battalion. Its order of battle is as follows:

  • The Sagramore Battalion, consisting of six Companies Errant headed by the Sagamore Seneschal and a Knight Commander-Errant in a Courser-class transport.
    • A Company-Errant, consisting of three Platoons-Errant, headed by a Knight Captain-Errant and a Knight Lieutenant-Errant in a Courser-class transport and drone controller.
      • A Platoon-Errant, consisting of five men, and a drone Destrier-class transport.

The Sagramore structure utilises the 'Errant' concept throughout its organisation, and is even more officer-heavy than a standard Lancelot Battalion. It also doubles the number of Companies in a Batallion to offset the halved squad size. To save on re-direction of valuable Percival pilots, drone technology is used throughout the Battalion. It is not known how the Sagamore Battalion will deal with UIS and British jamming efforts yet.

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