Plz send me message on m talk ppage or ask me queston plz plz plz I'm loneli :[
Please note: N and My password is 123 are my alternative accounts, I make a lot of tests on trash subpages to avoid shattering the wiki with useless test pages.

Welcome, random people on the Internet and World Wide Web! I’m glad you somehow stumbled on my userpage, have some "fun" facts about me that you don’t care about while you’re at it.


"Fun" facts about me

  • I contribute by (mostly) blanking spam pages here when I'm bored.
  • I am French, which could explain my quite lame English.
  • I like fractals12px-Wikipedia%27s_W.svg.png alot and I don't know why myself.
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A way to put a link is to wrap up the link with the <nowiki> tag.

Another way to put a link is to change every slashes / into backslashes \ in the http(s) part of the link, it won't be clickable, but the site will accept it, if you copy the link and paste it in your browser, all of the backslashes will turn into normal slashes.

Yet another way to put a link is to replace the colon : in the http(s) part of the link into a &#58;.

Yet (yet) another way to put a link is to remove the http(s) part of the link.

Example of the methods shown above in order and how they look like on a page:

Example of the methods shown above in order and how they look like in the editor:


I have a Wikipedia account, its userpage is located here12px-Wikipedia%27s_W.svg.png. I rarely use it but you can send me messages there if you would like to.

Random pages.

Some statistics.

  • Number of pages: 23,825
  • Number of articles: 3,890
  • Number of files: 397
  • Number of edits: 60,398
  • Number of users: 45,224
  • Number of administrators: 1
  • Number of active users: 317

Wikimedia Commons and (also /skins/ since it's apparently open aswell lmao) could be used to get images, putting a link to an image embeds it.

For exemple, this is a fake left thumb.
For exemple, this is a fake right thumb.


You first need an account to ask me a question (Click here to create one). If you have an account, write Question? --~~~~. Very simple, isn't it?

Your questions here

  • Your question here? --Delicious 23:31, 12 May 2019 (UTC)

Answer. --Nutshinou 07:47, 13 May 2019 (UTC)

  • Has and a cliff and then a cliff and a cliff then a star to me and then say that the world has a history of a human universe that is not a human rights human and that is not supported because it was a human rights human being that is not supported by any kind if not required by the user page is a user interface is outdated and user interface and privacy policy are useless information is a user interface is outdated information by revenge is a bear bug bug please update the app user friendly and password app developer is not logged on to my user account and then i the app user friendly i send call and request for free download and request it for later on the wiki user page please do Sarah will play the piano and John eats pizza with Sarah skin and the shell is the only thing i can be a hacker and then i a virus app and it is also a free download for me and my c99shell?

I don't really understand but I agree with "privacy policy are useless". --Nutshinou 11:25, 3 June 2019 (UTC)

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