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Primary help resource with information about using MediaWiki and the EditThis system.
Questions and answers about using MediaWiki and the EditThis system.
Frequently asked questions about creating and using EditThis wikis.


Why use Editthis?

If you have a use for a wiki, and you want that wiki to be maintainable, part of a community, and hosted for free, then you should consider using Editthis for it.

By creating a wiki on Editthis, you will instantly be part of a wiki community. Creating a wiki on Editthis is easy and quick, and saves you the hassle of installing and maintaining your own wiki engine. The wiki can be created in seconds, and you don't even need to give an email address. Editthis uses MediaWiki software, one of the most popular wiki engines, which also powers Wikipedia, a known online encyclopedia.

Reasons for using Editthis

  1. Fast wiki creation: within seconds, you can start editing your own wiki.
  2. Growing a useful wiki is sometimes challenging. If you have questions, we might have good answers.
  3. We listen to our community and are always working on new tools to help you.
  4. Editthis has a lot of diverse communites. This means we can promote your vision to other people in our community as a better way to get kick-started, if that's what you want to do.
  5. You can choose which license should be applied to your content.
  6. Database download is available so your data can never be locked into the site.
  7. No hidden pages or login required: you can edit without a username, although there may be benefits from using one.
  8. File upload feature allows to upload graphics or sound files.
  9. Personal watchlist to keep track of pages in which you are interested.
  10. Many user preferences.
  11. Categories and tagging.
  12. Detailed statistics are available on the number of users, articles, visits, page requests and more, for each Wiki.
  13. Complete version history. Every edit is stored, so can revert bad edits or check old revisions.

How to edit

To add plain text, simply enter it. If you want to do something more fancy, look how others have done certain things on the page you are editing, or go to one of the links below. Once you are done editing, click on the save button at the bottom, and you will have changed the page.

The easiest way to do simple things is using the editing buttons, shown below. When you click edit, they are displayed at the top. (For some functions, you might want to highlight text before you click a button). Below is a list of what the buttons do, in order of their appearance on the button bar. Mediaeditbuttons.png

  • Bold - make your text bold.
  • Italics - make your text italicized.
  • Internal link - link to a page inside the wiki you are editing. If you want to do it without the button, do something like this [[Main Page]]. This will show up as Main Page. CaSe MattErS!
  • External link - link to a web page not part of the wiki you are editing. If you want to do it without the button, do something like this [ Google Homepage]. This will show up as Google Homepage.
  • Create new section within the page.
  • Insert image from this wiki. Note: To insert an image that is not already part of this wiki, you may upload it using the upload file option in the toolbox on the sidebar. You must be logged in to do this. Some wikis have upload limits, however, and you may need to use a picture alread on the internet. If so, just insert the url of the picture, for example, If your picture is not on the internet already, you can host it on one of the websites listed here. You can also upload an image by clicking on the upload file link in the toolbox.
  • Link to a media file (sound or movie). If your video file is not on the internet already, you can host it on one of the websites listed here.
  • Mathematical formula Help:Math
  • Ignore wikipedia formatting - what was used to show in plain text instead of as a picture.
  • Your signature - only if you are signed in (you don't have to register or log in to edit this wiki, but you can).
  • Horizontal line - use sparingly.


  • To automatically link to Wikipedia articles, use [[Wikipedia:Article Name]].

Other Help: articles

Managing your wiki

What you can do with your wiki

External Links

For more help, check out these Wikipedia links:

Also see:

  • Editing Help, another independent wiki's editing help page (more detail).


Help Desk

Need more help? Feel free to ask your general questions on how to use your wiki at Help:Desk.

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