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Lianla, for aeons it has been shunned as a completely lifeless ball of Nebulonic gas. Nicknamed he Galactic Bealch by peoples unknown it has been largly ignored by the inhabitant of the Ska'ari Sector. However recent habitation and the inevitable exploitation of the planet have in fact revealed that "The Galactic Bealch" has a unique ecosystem contained deep within the ocean like currents of swirling gases.

Large blimp like whales with huge wings/fins fly lazily through the core devouring the microscopic organisms that live in the miasmic gas. These creatures are highly resistant to the acidic nature and extreme temperatures found towards the centre of the planet. Scientists have begun study of the creatures named enthusiasticly by the man who discovered them (Fernado Ozzo) as Ozzozites. To this date no other living Ceatures be they plant or animal have been discovered here and to many citizens of the galaxy, Liana is and forever will be known as "The Galactic Bealch."

This entry to the Pardusian Guide to the Galaxy was provided by historian Marcus Remilion

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